ADABAS/Natural Database Utilities

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ADAMAGIC - ADABAS C Files to UNIX Conversion

ADAMAGIC turns this time-consuming, costly process into a simple and efficient one. It can be used to convert all application data files from EBCDIC ADABAS database to equivalent files on a UNIX ASCII database. It does this by using an ADASAV to load ADABAS C databases onto UNIX. It can also read UNIX ADABCK to create tapes or create data sub-sets for testing/reporting.

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Traditional methods of making all but the simplest changes to the physical structure of an established ADABAS Database are time-consuming and cumbersome. ADAREORG transforms this situation enabling the physical structure to be changed with minimum risk and computer resource usage.

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ADASTRIP - ADABAS File Data Extraction Utility

ADASTRIP enables efficient off-line operation after selectively extracting data by reading either the database direct or the ADASAV backup file. PE/MU normalisation option.

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DBAUDIT - ADABAS Database Logical Integrity Verification

Complex systems usually result in application-level structures of the database containing errors. Such errors can have may different causes, from unpredictable user actions and operational interrupts such as batch job cancellation, through to changing specifications during development. DBAUDIT is an automated solution allowing the organisation to pre-empt system failures by making it easy to check out the logical integrity.

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PEEK - ADABAS File Browser & Editor

PEEK is an established software utility, in use at over 60 sites world-wide, that allows developers to easily find, display and examine data in an ADABAS File. With PEEK, all data on any file is accessible with just a few key strokes – directly from the editor – and in virtually any sequence. Other features include UPDATE and COPY with an itemised PE/MU display/edit.

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NIM - NATURAL Interactive Monitor

NIM is a purpose built TP Monitor for the Natural and ADABAS environments. NIM is designed to make full use of the sub-tasking and memory management capabilities of z/OS like operating systems, whilst interposing a minimum of overhead between NATURAL, VTAM and ADABAS. Typically NIM will interpose less than 5% of overhead for session management for Natural users.

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