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DBAUDIT - ADABAS Database Logical Integrity Verification

Complex systems usually result in application-level structures of the database containing errors. Such errors can have may different causes, from unpredictable user actions and operational interrupts such as batch job cancellation, through to changing specifications during development. DBAUDIT is an automated solution allowing the organisation to pre-empt system failures by making it easy to check out the logical integrity.

Every day, in computers all over the world, clever computer viruses introduce subtle but destructive errors. Logical corruption within application databases wreaks havoc on data processing. The result? Worthless data and inaccurate reports.

DBAUDIT allows DBAs and project leaders to quickly and easily detect and isolate data corruption. By analyzing ADASAV backup information based on user-supplied verification rules, DBAUDIT produces reports which identify integrity errors.

It is a powerful database verification tool and an efficient data extraction utility. Use DBAUDIT to ensure the referential integrity of your ADABAS database. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.



  • Fast and Efficient Processing – All requests and input volumes are processed in parallel, making just one pass of the backup and reading only the backup volumes that contain data to be analyzed.
  • Ease of use – a simple, yet powerful, command language lets users who are familiar with an application’s file structure and processing rules specify verification rules without writing programs.
  • Time saving – DBAUDIT maps, decompresses, and processes data using extremely efficient I/O, parallel I/O and manipulation algorithms, minimising both CPU and elapsed time.


  • DBAUDIT produces control totals, counts, and simple reports that can be used ‘as is’ or as input to in-house auditing programs. For example, DBAUDIT can be used to verify that each record in the VEHICLES file is associated with a valid PERSONNEL-ID in the EMPLOYEES file.
  • DBAUDIT rules can be created to verify that each source program in a library has a corresponding object module.
  • In addition to its referential integrity and data validation capabilities, DBAUDIT can extract data from the ADASAV backup. This data can be normalized for subsequent processing or loading into a relational database.

System Requirements

DBAUDIT operates under MVS, MVS/XA, and MVS/ESA

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