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NIM - NATURAL Interactive Monitor

NIM is a purpose built TP Monitor for the Natural and ADABAS environments. NIM is designed to make full use of the sub-tasking and memory management capabilities of z/OS like operating systems, whilst interposing a minimum of overhead between NATURAL, VTAM and ADABAS. Typically NIM will interpose less than 5% of overhead for session management for Natural users.

NIM offers most benefit to organisations using:

  • z/OS, z/Ose, MSP/EX or similar
  • VTAM, and wish to avoid using a cumbersome general purpose TP monitor
  • TCP/IP connectivity to mainframe


  • Reduced Resource Overhead – NIM will consume less than 5% of the CPU used by NATURAL sessions
  • Minimal support required – Typically no dedicated support responsibility is required
  • Ease of use – NIM’s logical and convenient DBA interface means simple installation, minimum training and quick response to environment changes
  • Stability – The elegant and logical architecture means an exceedingly stable, low maintenance product
  • Economics – The value of NIM in the areas of processing efficiency and reduced support costs guarantees return on investment within a brief period of time, often less than six months.


  • Currently supports NATURAL V2.3+, V3.1+, V4.1+, ADABAS V6.1+, V7.4+, V8.1+
  • Natural addon products are supported automatically

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