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SMFUTIL / SMFVIEW — SMF Data Management

SMFUTIL can reduce the dump & clear time by up to 70%

SMFUTIL is the SMF data management and movement utility that S390 installations around the world are utilizing to automate their SMF processing. SMFUTIL combines speed with extreme flexibility and versatility in the handling of SMF data. It greatly enhances the availability and accessibility of SMF data while reducing the resources required to process this large, yet valuable data source. It eliminates the need to write and maintain special purpose SMF processing routines.

Unlike other SMF management programs, SMFUTIL will produce clean archived master files that are cataloged as normal datasets. All datasets produced by SMFUTIL are usable for direct input to any program requiring SMF data. SMFUTIL is not required as a “front-end” processor each time any SMF data is to be accessed, although it can be efficiently used as one to reduce data volume input to an SMF application such as SAS when a large archive file is to be processed. Access to SMF data may be granted selectively based on “site specified criteria” by utilizing a security exit point built into SMFUTIL. SMF data records selected may optionally be passed to one or more user defined exit modules for processing.

A unique feature is SMFUTIL’s ability to create multiple output datasets with a single pass of the input data. This enables the user to simultaneously create a daily and a month-to-month archive file and optionally create user-defined datasets containing specific record types.

SMFUTIL has the ability to remember where it has archived SMF data, utilizing a proprietary SMF archive data directory. This enables users to retrieve data by supplying the date/time range and system Id required without having to know the datasets the data is stored on. They will be dynamically allocated by SMFUTIL.

SMFVIEW operates as an ISPF based full screen browser and editor for any SMF data source. Using the powerful filtering and data selection capabilities of SMFUTIL, SMFVIEW allows a System Programmer quick and easy access to selected SMF data. A scrollable full screen display of each selected record is present. It displays a hexadecimal dump and EBCDIC translation of the record. Each line on the display is notated with the hex and decimal offset of that line into the record, beginning with the record descriptor word (RDW). This mode allows the data content of the record to be altered at the hex or character level.

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