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MegaCryption - Enterprise Cryptography for z/OS, WIN, UNIX & LINUX

MegaCryption provides an OpenPGP non-proprietary, cost-effective approach to encrypting critical data at rest and in motion.

MegaCryption provides encryption, data integrity and digital signature functions for virtually any type of data within a z/OS, WIN, UNIX or LINUX environment. MegaCryption is a file level encryption tool that can secure FTP transmissions by keeping the data encrypted before, during and after transmission. MegaCryption contains the most flexible and complete set of cryptographic functions available on the mainframe today, allowing file processing at the point of origin, rather than having to transfer data back and forth to other systems. In addition to files being transferred off site, data stored at rest is also easily protected. Multi-platform support is offered as well as courtesy software for your business partners. MegaCryption fully complements any communication level encryption tool, can easily exploit ICSF and interoperates seamlessly with such products as PGP and GnuPG.

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